Wild Cat in the City – Another Sighting

Pedalling along Deer Lake Parkway bike path this morning on one of my frequent bike rides around Deer Lake Park, I heard a raucous “murder” of crows causing a real commotion ahead in the trees just off the roadside. Mobbing an owl? I wondered. Maybe another raptor the birds were taking exception to? Maybe an eagle?

Greeted with a loud chorus of caws, I stopped underneath the tree and looked up at the “lump” that was the centre of all that attention. Looking down at me was a bobcat.

People in cars driving by, people walking along the sidewalk all seemed oblivious to the cat and crow action above them.

And there was Bobby (or Bobbi) the object of all that fury.

Even a couple of Common Ravens chimed-in, adding their gruff cronks to the cacophony.

Raven, Crow and Bobcat

And a few minutes later a Red-tailed Hawk also took a fly-by look at all the action. Despite all the fuss, the bobcat was remarkably relaxed.

So relaxed, in fact, that he/she even took a couple of power naps.

What a beautiful animal!

For more information on our local bobcats check out my earlier post on this Wild Cat in the City.

5 thoughts on “Wild Cat in the City – Another Sighting

  1. Beautiful shots of the Bobcat George so many around the lower mainland this year and they all look healthy must be lots of rats. Hope they ban this poison so the Bobcats and owls aren’t
    Continuously affected.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi George! These are awesome pictures you got! We saw a bobcat in our yard last week out here in Nelson.

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